Monday Morning Mixtape 257

Slide through turn-of-the-millennium Japanese instrumental hip-hop, 1975 French bossa-jazz and a downtempo synthy edit from an Italian butcher.

Welcome back the soundtrack that helps start your week on the right note. This week is curated by one of the winners of our We Out Here Festival competition, Hazards of Prophecy, the latest project from UK producer and label owner Dave Rendle who has recently released on Tiff’s Joints and runs the Night Sweats Music imprint.

In his own words:  “Imagine coming home after a warm and balmy night dancing for hours at the Theâtre de la Mer during the Worldwide Festival. You throw open the windows, take off your clothes and lay on the bed, taking in the quiet morning sounds as the town starts to wake up. You press play and close your eyes, feeling the warm breeze on your skin. The music begins to fill your imagination with visions of the ocean, relaxing on the sand, resting your mind and body. As the gentle buzz of the day leads into the lazy build up of the afternoon. The music summons smiles and memories of the night before, the conversations you’ll have later with your beautiful friends and the feeling of lying next to your loved one on the beach as the day inevitably heats up and welcomes another unforgettable night.”

Gilles Petersons’ We Out Here Festival takes place 15th-18th August.


Floating Points – Danger
Ryu – Song from the Far East
Cortex – Prelude A ‘Go Round’
Linda Lewis – Fathoms Deep
Joyce – Viola Fora de Moda
United Future Oganization – Upa Neguinho (Supa Meg Mix)
Theo Parrish – Ugly Edit 06
Charles Webster – Ready
The Question of Teething Fever – You are my Sculpture
DJ Steve – Special Cuts #2
Canvas – Greenleaf
Lord Echo – Low to the Street
Luca C & Brigante – Lucio
Dedication – Blaze of Glory
Ski – Life Changes

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