Premiere: Move D – Dots

Move D has a reputation for his collaborations, something his new album Building Bridges has put front and centre. Recorded between 1999 and 2019 it brings together Moufang’s close friends and long time collaborators including Thomas Fehlmann, Fred P, Juju & Jordash, D-Man & rEAGENZ and Benjamin Brunn, for eight tracks of blissed-out deep house and dub techno.

Originally the album started out as an entry for Aus Music’s Inside Out series but after David sent over a few new tracks to label head Will Saul, he decided it needed to be a standalone album. The tracks may have been written over a 20 year period but you’d be forgiven for thinking they were all written in one session; each track feels timeless and the entirety of the release incredibly cohesive. Our pick is ‘Dots’; a warm stream of glowing synths and tittering hi-hats punctuated by echoing vocal slivers.

Building Bridges will be released on Aus Music in July.

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