Premiere: Gruppo Sound – Dance Power

Dusting off another vinyl from the Italian treasure trove, Dualismo Sound founder Andrea Dallera brings us a formidable and undeniably 80s funk jam. Conceived in Rome, Gruppo Sound was the name of the musicians responsible for the Dream for Sax LP, which in the mid-late 80s, was not so much dance floor fodder but a commercial offering for shopping mall forecourts under the Flipper Music label. Not quite ready to consign their fate to the forecourts, Dualismo Sound rescued the two big boogie tracks from the LP to bring them to the ears of a more appreciative crowd.

Revived from the original ¼” master tape, ‘Dance Power’ is bold and infectious from the start. Heated rhythmic synths and a heady bass line paves the way for the bellowing melodic sax of Paolo Russo, bringing with it some depth and attitude. The fluid jazz keys of Stefano Galante liberates the track beyond its uncomplicated but catchy groove, culminating in a flamboyant interplay between the sax and keys teasing each other to a close. There’s always room for a little Italo-boogie.

Dance Power​/​Walking On Air is available now via Dualismo Sound’s Bandcamp.

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