Premiere: Francis Harris – Minor Forms (Joaquin Joe Claussell’s Cosmic Arts Version)

If you were to map out all the producers and DJs of dance music, the corner occupied by Francis Harris would be that of the patient, poignant and dynamically sensitive. Sharing this corner would also be Joe Claussell and LNS, both of whom he’s enlisted for the new remix EP of his 2018 full-length, Trivial Occupations.

Both sides are over ten minutes in length, and Joe Claussell stretches out to over a quarter of an hour. Five minutes pass until the hat arrives, and several more than that before any solid beats. With the stroke of one distinctive chord, Claussell teleports the morbid but beautiful sounds of Harris into the classic Claussell sound, and one of the best remixes he’s done in years. It’s a full on noodly workout, for sure, but the jams stay fresh with the instruments changing hands at all the right times.

Keen to hold the full, glorious 15 minutes back for the vinyl, Scissor & Thread have sent over an 11 minute edit to enjoy here. Trivial Occupations Remixes is out 5th April – buy from Bandcamp.

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