Premiere: Fred Ventura – Dancing Alone (Actor’s Studio)

Italian artist Fred Ventura was at the forefront of the Italo Disco scene in the 80s. Reputed for providing sultry vocals on hits like ‘Wind of Change’ and Fockewulf 190’s ‘Body Heat’, this new compilation presents a more raw sound than Fred is famed for, unearthed from a collection of lost tracks recorded between 1982 and 1984.

The demo tracks were initially supposed to remain secret until Fred decided to digitalise them a few years ago. Landing on Bordello A Parigi, the perfect contemporary home for this release, these demos represent a transitional period in Fred’s career, recorded between leaving his band State Of Art and embarking on his first solo project as Actor’s Studio, and then his career as Fred Ventura. ‘Dancing Alone’ is our pick; on a new wave tip, it sounds something like the long lost cousin of a New Order cut but still manages to retain those undeniable Italo influences through bullish synth lines.

Dancing Alone will be released on 1st April via Bordello A Parigi

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