Monday Morning Mixtape 244

Sail through French-Tunisian chanson boogie, 1978 library-style cosmic balearic and 1995 post-rock ambient.

Welcome to a new Monday Morning Mixtape to help start your week on the right note. This week is curated by Chicago DJ Jake Stellarwell, writer and host at Music Is My Sanctuary and 2018 Art of the Mixtape winner.

In his own words: “In keeping with the Monday theme, I’ve compiled music that, suits my Monday morning routine: the phases of rising, beginning to move, clearing the mind, and preparing for what the day holds in store. It is my hope that these selections bring the listener moments of mindfulness and focus, and mild spurts of energy and liveliness. I tried to highlight music new and old, instrumental and vocal, electronic and acoustic. Recorded in one take, all vinyl, mixtape style, with a light dusting of RE-20 echo and a gentle pop number at the very end.”


F.P. & The Doubling Riders – Doublings and Silences
Profondeur 4000 – Plenitude Azotee
Joan Bibiloni – Ulls Verds
Hampshire & Foat – Jasmine
June Tabor – Pull Down Lads
Falcons – Estoy Aqui Porque Te Quiero
Helado Negro – Sabana De Luz
Martin Wall – Waves
Berlin Lama – Parasol 2pm
Il Guardiano Del Faro – Lady Moon
Blundetto – Above The Water (Dub)
Lamusa II – Dalle Alle
Ivan Conti – Encontro
Elaine Kibaro – De L’Autre Cote Du Miroir
Ingus Bauskenieks – Aizlidoja Klavas
Charles Ditto – Slave Waltz
Marcelo Antonio – Males de Otro Lugar

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