Premiere: Ambien Baby – Amor Propio

Since taking its first steps back in 2015, Ambien Baby has grown into quite a special something. Born from the passion project of Canada’s D Tiffany and NAP, last year’s Transfusion EP arrived to much warmth and admiration. Flying the nest from NAP’s lesser known (but highly commendable) imprint, Isla, the pair make themselves at home on RAMZi’s FATi Records to deliver their next labour of love – En Transito EP.

As an ode to their friendship, En Transito embodies the ever evolving sound of Ambien Baby; one very much in transit. Acting as a window into their journey, the A1 ‘Amor Propio’ is an introduction to the roots of the project, possibly hinting at those early influences that ignited their mutual creative flames. Amidst guitar reverb and downtempo tripped out rhythm, ‘Amor Propio’ is a sensual, psychedelic experience.

En Trnsito EP is out 8th April – buy from Juno and Phonica.

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