Premiere: Beard In Dust – At The Dawn

Disco Hamam, the label of elusive character and entertainer Jonny Rock has existed now for a whole decade. Inviting listeners to bathe in the many twists and turns of his own musical tastes, Captain Rock has unleashed a series of compilations, sharing the same name as his Disco kingdom. Volume 5 in the series invites similarly elusive company to the imprint with Beard In Dust, Tales Of Voodoo and Esen Gunduz all appearing on the forthcoming edition.

Somewhat scarce, previous workings of Beard In Dust have landed on Whiskey Disco and Bahnsteig 23. Welcoming Disco Hamam into the privileged circle of those to showcase such work, Beard In Dust provides a chugging beat driven edit. Taking the A1 position on Disco Hamam Vol 5, B.I.D is found chopping up and breathing a new lease of life into Johnny Wakelin’s 1976 classic ‘In Zaire’. This percussive rework takes a slinky beeline to the dance floor.

Disco Hamam 5 will be released on 23rd March. Grab your copy.

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