Premiere: Scott Gilmore – Empty Aisles

In the San Fernando Valley on the outskirts of Los Angeles Scott Gilmore has been producing his own brand of dreamy psychedelic pop. Beautifully intricate and creative, his new album Two Roomed Motel sees him land on legendary Belgian imprint Crammed Discs, who, since launching in 1981 have released over 1000 records ranging from the likes of Yasmine Hamdan and Acid Arab to Minimal Compact and Zazou Bikaye.

This album follows Scott’s debut on Mark Barrott’s International Feel in 2017 with Subtle Vertigo and his subsequent EP for the label last year. As with his previous releases, today’s premiere ‘Empty Aisles’ showcases Scott’s knack for layering melodies, harmonies and counter melodies, which, in his own words, evokes a sense of forward motion. There are nods to the psychedelic flavour of Tame Impala in his dreamy distant vocals which drift over head while synths squelch and wash over melodic key sequences.  

Two Roomed Motel will be released on 1st March. Pre-order your copy.

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