Premiere: Nick Walters & The Paradox Ensemble – Dear Old Thing

Save for the faithful London jazz heads during its more neglected period in the first part of this decade, the more observant visitors at 22a gigs, or the studious readers of their release credits, the name Nick Walters won’t trigger much of a reaction. The inconspicuous trumpeter, however, has been the brass backbone of Ruby Rushton and the 22archestra over the years, providing the fanfare to accompany Tenderlonious’ flute trills.

Awakening marks the return of his thirteen piece, The Paradox Ensemble, who have laid dormant since their debut on Efpi Records in 2013, reemerging into a much more receptive world than they left. Composed passages contrast with extended improvised sections, pulling in diverse influences from spiritual and eastern moods to West African rhythms. ‘Dear Old Thing’ is a tribute to beloved cricket commentator Henry Blofeld and his famous catchphrase, channeling Eric Dolhpy with powerful solos from Walters and Cawthorne

Awakening is out 25th January – buy from Bandcamp.

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