Premiere: Romaal Kultan – Personal Effects

Music is a highly personal thing. It can take us to different times and places; it can fill us with ecstasy and move us beyond words; it can conjure up memories of faces we’ve loved and lost. For Romaal Kultan, it’s finding these moments in his own music that’s helped him to realise No Time Like The Future: the first release on his new, aptly titled, label Personal Discs.

Having already charted EPs for YAM, Tiff’s Joints, Dr Banana and Touching Bass, on this inaugural release he explores those special “eureka” events in the studio that capture and bottle that feeling – one he hopes “lives on in the music”.

In both sound, and a personally penned message, Romaal pays homage to the formative role and influence of Black artists and communities in the release’s creation, on which he connects the dots between broken beat, house, hip hop and jazz-tinged electronics – a cocktail of inspirations that continue to permeate his warm, groove-laden output.

No Time Like The Future is out now on Personal Discs.

Stamp The Wax · Romaal Kultan – Personal Effects (STW Premiere)

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