Monday Morning Mixtape 234

Coast through 2007 night bus ambiance, 1978 Manchester dream rock and 1980 California gospel-soul.

Welcome to a new Monday Morning Mixtape to start your week off the right way. This edition is curated by Andrew Hill, who runs the Liverpool based club night (and recently a labelAbandon Silence, Buyers Club venue and Baltic Weekender festival, plus hosts a monthly on Rinse FM. This one is a particularly poignant, so includes a longer-than-normal introduction.

“I have long been a huge fan of the MMM series and had always wanted to contribute and display a different side of my collection, taking the set (and my mixing) out of my comfort zone away from a club style. From the day I got the a go-ahead in the Autumn, I began to build a playlist for the mix that had hip-hop, RnB, soul and predominantly more electronic in it. However, life got in the way.

Tragically, in early December, my father Michael passed away. Naturally I dropped everything and forgot all of my commitments, including this mix. Then a few days ago, Aaron respectfully nudged me that the deadline was approaching and asked if I could still contribute. Looking at the playlist, none of the music seemed relevant anymore and I thought about saying I couldn’t. However, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and realised I could see it as something cathartic and therapeutic, and thus decided to create this mix from the music that I have been using in the last month or so.

I went back through my playlists and selected the music that I had lent on in the darkest times. The genre, style and tempo fluctuates a lot and the mixing and transitions are a little off, but it was done in one take (maybe two) in a very hot Melbourne studio. Generally speaking I tried to make the mix progress in mood and emotion, going from the sombre ambience of Burial and Meca Levi all the way to the grand finale guitar solo from Gabor Szabo that, for a time, was the only thing that could lift my spirits.

The mix is very personal to me, but I tried to identify a theme and keep it entertaining to listen to, whether you are in a similar situation to me or just casually listening on your Monday. There isn’t a guide book or manual for dealing with grief, but as it is in all aspects of my life, music was my release.

Thanks to Aaron and STW for being so respectful and supportive of the idea, and also to the guys in Melbourne that let me use their studio to record this mix. It was completed on 2x CDJ2000 and a Pioneer 900 in a 3 hour window, so there are some spells where the levels go a little off and some transitions are pretty blunt, but that is part of the fun. I really hope you enjoy listening!”


Burial – In Mcdonalds [Hyperdub, 2007] DJ Healer – Protectionspell [All Possible Worlds, 2018] Mica Levi – Love [Under The Skin Official Soundtrack, 2014] Deadboy – Return [Numbers, 2014] Durutti Column – Otis [Factory Records, 1989] Supreme Jubilees – It’ll All Be Over [S & K Records, 1981] Paul McCartney – Waterfalls [Parlophone, 1980] Barbara Lewis – Hello stranger [Atlantic, 1963] Seville – One Down To Go [Kayo Records, 1983] Womack and Womack – MPB (Missin Persons’ Bureau) (Paradise Ballroom Mix) [Island, 1989] Burial – Hiders [Hyperdub, 2013] Gorillaz – Don’t Get Lost In Heaven [Parlophone, 2005] Seville – Show Me The Way [Kayo Records, 1983] Gabor Szabo – Keep Smilin’ [Mercury, 1979]

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