Premiere: Troels Hammer feat. Clara Valenta – Infinita

Texture is everything. The fewer elements to a piece of music, the more you want to feel each one. Copenhagen composer Troels Hammer understands this fully – that much is apparent from ‘Infitinita’, the single announcing his third album Diário de Silêncio.

Comprising of a delicately plucked kalimba loop, wistful synth washes and dialogue delivered by Clara Valenta, the track is a study in luxurious economy. It sits where ambient electronica more closely resembles soundtrack work, evoking cinematic images of open space, calm water and clear sky.

The deceptively named Hammer has found a natural home in Music For Dreams. Curated by Danish DJ and musician Kenneth Bager, the label specialises in sounds suited equally to dancing and poolside contemplation. Its latest release will be eagerly received by those who appreciate a deft touch.

Infinita is out now digitally on Bandcamp. Diário de Silêncio LP is coming soon. 

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