Premiere: Francis Harris – St. Catherine And The Calm

Francis Harris has been a busy boy. Since disbanding with long time musical partner, Tony Collins as Frank & Tony last year, he’s launched a new label Kingdoms, and put out a string of EPs, teaming up with DJ Akamael and Alex Albrecht of Melquiades and Albrecht La’Brooy.

Now though, Harris puts out the third full-length release under his own name Trivial Occupations, and a follow up to 2014’s serene and emotionally acute long play, Minutes of Sleep. This time he steps away from the dance floor, pushing a new sound that combines a lot of what he’s being doing under Aris Kindt, mixing together styles from ambient and even more shoegaze ideas. Recorded over the last four years and partly during a period of depression, the concept of the album comes from a desire to deconstruct what it means to put out music without a concept. What is left will be more apparent after a year’s worth of play, we’re sure.

The cinematic ‘St. Catherine And The Calm’ is a 12-minute, exhalation of grainy textures, field recordings and a vibraphone that just seems to whisper. Harris, since the album Leland, has been one for delicate, sensitive but never sentimental emotions manifesting themselves through bumpy, rainy tracks. As the wintertime starts to close in, this will be one for the dark wet afternoons.

Trivial Occupations is out 19th October on Scissor & Thread – buy from Bandcamp.

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