Premiere: Skinny Pelembe, Chloe Beth Smith & Field Notes Choir – Laxmi Flying

For aspiring musicians and musical philanthropists, Future Bubblers sets the standard for mentorship and talent development. For each of the last three years, the programme has welcomed a new class of unsigned artists from diverse backgrounds, locations and musical styles. Each one is paired with a wise older head and, through community and individual-led support, is helped to “find their authentic sound and navigate the music industry”. After a year of bubbling, the fruits of their fermentation is sampled on a compilation and so, for the Year 2 class, we find Future Bubblers 2.0.

Leading out the nine tracks is Skinny Pelembe, one of the most distinguished Bubblers alumni and the only to sign an album deal with Brownswood. ‘Laxmi Flying’ is a new take on ‘Baby Laxmi’, a track written on the day his niece was born, which closed his 2017 EP Seven Year Curse. Collaborating with Chloe Beth Smith from his live band, the new version replaces instruments for voices, inspired by her studies in musical harmonies and experience singing in choirs.

The acoustics of the Old Church in Stoke Newington, recorded and mixed by “Doncaster legend” Simon, gives the Field Notes Choir a pastoral drama, while Chloe’s arrangement, combining minimalism and traditional Bach chorales, creates a dignified yet breathtaking kind of theatre. All the more impressive as it was Chloe’s first attempt at conducting and the day of recording was the first time everyone had seen the music.

Future Bubblers 2.0 is out 28th September – buy from Bandcamp.

Skinny Pelembe, Chloe Beth Smith & Field Notes Choir.

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