Premiere: Len Leise – S.T.T.S

Discogs certified Australian “balearic producer” Len Leise returns to his own General Purpose label armed with three tracks that are cryptic in name and proof that he’s much more diverse than online labelling would suggest.

After surfacing in 2015 with an International Feel album and a shark-bating edits EP, Len’s recent solo output and label curation with Salvador has steered into dubbier, new age territory; an approach maintained on GP003. Filled with echoes of percussion, birds calls and other resonant wood oddities, ‘S.T.T.S’ floats along on a constant bed of warm pad textures to build a more cohesive atmosphere for early morning, late night percolation.

Initials EP is out now– buy from Redeye and Juno.

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