Premiere: Mårble ‎– Golden Bells

French duo Nummer launch their new imprint by kicking things off with a beautifully crafted album from Russian producer, Mårble. Nummer have set up Natural Selection with the vision of releasing sounds without any particular genre boundaries and with its natural sounds, emotion and intrigue, Elixir Of Immortality aligns perfectly.

‘Golden Bells’ is a well crafted ten minute opener to the album, brimming with delicate ambience, layered with meditative, soul inspiring synths. As the track continues to heal, a harmonising flute comes in amidst some tense bass slabs and frantic drums. This is music that takes on a mind-bending, soul-inspiring journey and leaves you totally refreshed once you’re out.

Elixir Of Immortality it out this summer – buy from Juno and Phonica.

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