Premiere: Jared Drever – Modern Playlist

It’s always nice to discover an artist through a Soundcloud promo we’re sent, riding solo without a label and PR. Granted it helped he was from Melbourne, a city that will turn our heads more than any other when it comes to new music.

Isolated in his coastal studio, south of Melbourne in the lush forests of Bells Beach, Jared Drever has produced an EP inspired by retro-futurist artwork and studies of utopian concepts. Each track on New World 1999: Part One aims to create the soundtrack for various 90s concept images, trying to stay as removed as possible from the contemporary dance music he’s aligned to with his label Bones.Rd‘Modern Playlist’ is the first single, falling somewhere between the ambient soundscapes of fellow Melburnians Albrecht La’Brooy and the vacation rock of Perth’s Eleventeen Eston.

Moral of the story: producers with no label or PR, please keep sending us music on Soundcloud. We might not always have the time to reply, but we will always listen. 

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