Aaron L & The Scorpios on Worldwide FM

Photo by Martin Eito


Rouge Mecanique – Prisma LTD [YAM] Project Karnak – Intro [Forthcoming] Kinkajous – Jupiter [Forthcoming] Dominic Canning – We Are One [Waella’s Choice] Dip In The Pool – Kuroi Dress No Onna [Jazzy Couscous] Midori feat. Clara Cappagli – Over [Cascade Records] Fabror Resande Mac – Janne [Music For Dreams] Unknown – Untitled [White Label] Wax – Can I Take You Home? (Long Version) [Smiling C] General Purpose – Concerto de Chasse [General Purpose] Palta – Forarets Skorhed [12th Isle] Issam Houshan – Tabla (Cervo Edit) [White Label] Shimshon Miel – Amsterdam Experience (Kalbata Edit) [Fortuna Records] Will Dimaggio – All Good (Jazz Mix) [Future Times] Takashi Kokubo – Underwater Dreaming [Jazzy Couscous] Aidan Shepherd – Max [Waella’s Choice] The Scorpios – Machina [Afro7] Suzanne Menzel – I Feel It Starts Again [Frederiksberg Records] Nubya Garcia – Source (Maxwell Owin Remix) [Nyasha] Denis Mpungu & Paul K. – Funkyaka (Androo’s Romantic Dub) [Second Circle]

The Scorpios Live Set

Seb Wildblood – The One With The Emoticon (Yu Su Remix) [Omena] Unknown – Untitled [Waella’s Choice] D. Lynnwood – The Vault [Shapes Of Rhythm] Jeigo – Pearl Rhythm [Valby Rotary]

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