Premiere: Izhar Cohen – Illusions (Rabo & Snob Edit)

Tel-Aviv based label Bauhaus Records second release caught me off guard. Following their excellent first release – Gal PRZ’s occasion straddling, club ready Somar EP– it seemed the label had found its place championing the city’s best emerging house and techno talent. In fact, it seems they have much wider ambitions.

One of the figures behind Bauhaus is The Block resident Yotam ‘Yogo’ Goldman, who has teamed up with art gallery and live music venue Rothschild 12 to launch their new label R12 Music. Spearheaded by Yogo, Contemporary Sounds of Tel-Aviv is an 11 track compilation pulling together a never-before-heard, genre spanning, eclectic selection of the city’s music. The result is a stunning collection ranging from spoken word to 70s disco updates via psychedelic breaks.

Our pick is Rabo and Snob’s edit of Izhar Cohen’s ‘Illusions’, an extended, slow rolling, cosmic workout that toys with the acidic, while rendering the original’s striking vocals completely otherworldly. It’s a track that perfectly encapsulates the intent of the compilation as a harmonious celebration of Tel-Aviv’s past, present and future. The Mediterranean micro-metropolis is rapidly cementing its status on of the premiere destination for progressive, home grown, genre-defying music. Bauhaus Records, thanks largely to founders Yogo, Udi Niv and Amichay Matyas, are at the thrilling forefront of this.

Contemporary Sounds of Tel-Aviv is out 19th March – buy from Phonica and Red Eye

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