Premiere: Quiet Dawn – Being

The latest conceptual creation from Quiet Dawn is a testament to the French producer’s willingness to wear his heart on his sleeve, as the jazz electronic hybrid is a bold and emotionally vulnerable undertaking. Moving further from his hip-hop and rap beginnings, Will Galland’s second release on London label First Word Records showcases the Parisian’s penchant for arrangement in admittedly his most ambitious offering to date.

The EP is Galland’s attempt to convey the capriciousness of human behaviour through a musical narrative, with variations in mood and layered compositional structures evoking the change of seasons and rich complexities of life.  

The last track on the EP, ‘Being’, brings the record to a theatrical conclusion with warbled synths giving it an otherworldly feel. The hazy soft percussion, floaty keys and understated but provocative bass line breathes life into the transcendent jazz grooves.

Human is out on 23 February. Pre order your copy from Bandcamp.

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