Cosmic Slop: Parties with a Purpose

In a small, dimly lit space in Leeds sits one of Europe’s best parties. DJs arrive unannounced to play music they don’t dare on other dance floors, channeled through a hand built sound system that rivals anything going. What’s so inspiring about Cosmic Slop isn’t even its unsurpassable qualities as a party, but its very purpose for being. Upstairs, and all around it, is the Hope Foundry, home to MAP Charity (short for Music And Production), which supports, inspires and elevates disadvantaged and disillusioned young adults using music and the arts.

In 2018 Cosmic Slop and MAP find themselves on the edge of a precipice. Facing eviction from Hope Foundry unless they raise enough money to buy the property off developers, they must raise £2.4 million in the next 20 months. This 20 minute film explores MAP’s inspiring work and how Cosmic Slop has helped power their journey.

This film was made in partnering with Dimensions Festival, long time friends and supporters of Cosmic Slop and MAP Charity and the driving force for the film’s inception.

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