Premiere: Angophora – Uncarved

Following an exquisite string of club orientated releases from the likes of Furious Frank, Low Flung, and The Possé, Ken Oath makes a departure from the usual feet twirling affairs to sounds inspired by the outback. Scenes, conjured by the relatively unknown Angophora, marks the label’s first long player release, heavily tied in both name and sound to the alfresco inspirations of life in the Australian bush.

Slewed in references to the above, the album is as simple and beautiful as one would expect from the artwork. It’s a minimalistic affair, incorporating sustained guitar nuances, subtle percussion, and hazy synths. In it’s entirety the release summons an array of sounds that feel at home when listened amongst what it suggests in view, allowing for your surroundings to shape around it and paint a more serene moment.

Our pick of the bunch, ‘Uncarved’, has all the hallmarks of the modern Balearic flag bearers like Gaussian Curve and Andras, but in its own naive way, while it may not be as technical or as epic as the latter, it’s simplicity brings forth a playfulness and an innocence.

Scenes will be available from early February. Pre order your copy.

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