Premiere: The Movers – Funky Fly

The global rise of American Soul and Jazz in the 1960’s, like much of the rest of the world, was keenly felt in South Africa. Even with restricted access to certain music imports and censorship during apartheid, the influence was strong on music makers. Many of these fantastic artists have found a new life on Soundway Records and it’s another such artist getting the loving repress treatment here.

Despite being wildly successful in their day, The Movers output has become increasingly hard to find, not least the tremendous Kansas City LP, chock full of jazzy guitar rhythms and walking bass lines to create a distinctly South African flavoured Disco sound.

Here though, we shine a spotlight on side two and specifically the track ‘Funky Fly.’ Its keys and vocal licks are front and centre, and the groove machine underpinning it set to maximum. It is indeed both funky and fly, in the strictest possible 70s sense. 

Kansas City is out now – buy from the Soundway website.

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