Premiere: Junior Byron – Trying To Hold On (Version)

Junior Byron creates in the intermediary. Between disco and house, his releases during the 1980s helped define the boogie era, along in with contemporaries like Kashif. Once disco had died its protracted death in the late 70s, the result of major labels pushing it towards the white mainstream and away from its radically subversive origins, boogie stepped up to take its dancefloor space, slowing and refining its key elements, revitalising it for the ‘80s audience.

With the 1981 release of his debut album, Sunshine, Byron combined the bass-heavy instrumentation of disco with a minimal injection of proto-electronic drum machine and synthesizer, building the boogie bridge to the later sounds of electro and house. Now, the crate diggers at Cultures of Soul are reissuing a 12” Byron classic, ‘Trying To Hold On’, complete with a fresh instrumental ‘Version’ and a Gerd Janson ‘Megamix’. Originally produced in 1985 by Wildfire frontman Oliver Chapman, the track sits on a rock-steady bass groove, supplemented with the inimitable sounds of 80’s electronic toms and streaks of heavy guitar. Byron loops his melodic falsetto over the laid-back four-minute runtime, making for instantly memorable in-car radio play, or the perfect early doors dancefloor number.

Trying To Hold On 12″ is out – buy from Cultures of Soul or Juno.

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