Premiere: Jaz – Geisha (Tea For Two Jaz Edit)

Passport to Paradise return with an EP from the enigmatic John Dahl aka Jaz, the minister come producer extraordinaire with a penchant for penance through italo disco and gospel house. Channeling disco weirdness that wouldn’t sound amiss on Cómeme he has excelled in this EP, which ranges from spiritual chug to Talking Heads-esque synth pop. Our pick is the A1, ‘Geisha’, in which a female Japanese shouts and screams over a twisted italo riff, much in the same way Mu sings over Maurice Fulton’s excellently crafted beats or the way Lipelis chopped up the Thai vocals in ‘Wierdshit…‘ on L.I.E.S. Koto frills and occasional synth flourishes lend a melodic edge but the substance of ‘Geisha’ is rooted in the relationship between the relentless bass, warped drum work and drugged out vocals.

Geisha EP is out 30th September – buy from deejay.

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