Monday Morning Mixtape 172


Welcome back to a fresh new week and a brand new mixtape to mellow your morning.

Today we float from 1975 inter-dimensional Californian cloud ambience to 1981 Mojave Desert peyote-laced jazz via a 2014 postcard of Lisbon’s rising sun.

This mix was curated by STW contributor Jeremy Cocks, who you can follow on Instagram here.

Last Days – The City Failed
Daniel Schmidt – And the Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn
Wilson Tanner – Odd Low
Harold Budd – Afar
Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper – Saudade Do Santos O Velo
Neu! – Leb Wohl
Jonny Nash – Exit 6
Beograd – Eenterstellar
Beverly Glenn Copeland – Ever New
Javier Segura – El Sue No Perdido
Iasos – Lueena Coast
K Leimer – Very Tired


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