Premiere: Yadava – Kadampa 125

Opening with strong flavours of Pharaoh Sanders in the bass and Lonnie Liston Smith on keys, Yadava’s ‘Kadampa 125’ is certainly one for the jazz-funk YouTube trawlers, yet also an irresistible gateway for those new to the genre. Woven through with familiar samples that are just out of reach, the Manchester producer and So Flute resident captures the sound perfectly. Crisp percussion, expansive keyboards, and bass riffs that lodge firmly into the funk cortex of your brain.

Like many good slow builders, it really settles into a groove after the two minute mark. Ethereal sound effects herald the introduction of the evergreen and super effective, rhythm sample from John Gibbs’ ‘Trinidad’. This Leads into a distinctly analogue sounding bass, which, working in tandem with the driving Rhodes piano turns a laid back stepper into a mighty fine cosmic train.

Ad Hoc Presents Volume 1 is out 29th May, the first release from Ad Hoc Records. Buy from whatpeopleplay and Juno.

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