Premiere: Lars Bartkuhn – Elysium (Paradise Dub)

Multi-instrumentalist Lars Bartkuhn has been a busy man for the past 18 years, running the Needs Music label dedicated to dance floor orientated athletic house jams and writing several full-length albums covering different territories, from ambient to jazz. His talents have not been overlooked and have also seen him find a home on labels like Volcov’s Neroli Imprint and Alex Bradley’s Utopia imprint alongside heavyweights Vangelis Katsoulis, Manabu Nagayama, Soichi Terada and Dego.

Lars’ latest effort sees him return to the aforementioned Neroli with the Elysium EP, which bares a glorious Paradise Dub, which we are excited to premiere today. Pat Metheny-tinged chords and mellow rhodes rhythmically whisk into balearic pads, accompanied by mesmeric saxophone work by Oliver Leicht. While the record doesn’t necessarily sound miles away from previous records, Lars’ musicianship, meticulous writing and unmistakable sound leaves you with songs that are hard to miss and easy to guess. Simply put, you know when you’re listening to a Lars Bartkuhn record.

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