Premiere: Glenn Astro & Ajnascent- Диско

The ironically named Berlin-based label Money $ex Records, run by Glenn Astro, Max Graef & Delfonic, indulges in playfully-produced music made between friends. Founded in 2015, the imprint has an emphasis on jazz, hip-hop, funk, soul and disco and this new mini-LP from Glenn Astro and Ajnascent’s (the latter’s debut release) is no different. Alongside Torbin Unit’s album earlier this year it is perhaps the label’s least commercially minded endeavour so far. The spontaneous and improvisational Even is described by Astro and Ajnascent as a “multi-layered cake” all six tracks different, yet comprised of the similar elements of rattling percussion, intergalactic synths and meandering bass lines.

The second track ‘Диско (Disco)’ is an exuberant percussion-centric workout. Heady drum work moves through tapping, thumping, clattering to pattering supported by a consistent funk guitar riff, cosmic improvised key-work and whimsical humming. It finishes as it begins, with light drumming escorted off stage by ambient whispers, a harmonic affirmative finale close to five minutes of energetic disorienting instrumentalism. Something of a natural progression for Astro, and an exciting debut by Ajnascent, ‘Диско’ is emblematic of Even as a whole. Boisterous and effervescent, the LP announces its excitement at the re-exploration of the spontaneous jazz of the past combined with the far-flung frontal gaze of contemporary music.

Even LP is out now and available from Oye.

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