Premiere: Arnheim – Would You Tell Me About You

Lithuanian-born, London-based producer Arnheim returns to his own imprint, Barbara, for its second EP, Would You Tell Me About You. The follow up runs in a similar direction to its predecessor, the central features being the soulful, downtempo and melancholic nature of the tracks. Despite the similarities, a greater emphasis on live instrumentation and, in particular, the support of saxophonist Tyrone Isaac-Stuart means this second endeavour wriggles clear of many of the typical parameters of jazz and soul-centric deep house.

The title track falls just short of the ten-minute mark and its extended length is dominated by Isaac-Stuart’s feverish saxophone work. This duration gives the instrumental lead ground to cover, oscillating between the inharmonious and frenzied, melodic and sedate. Its ebb and flow are supported by shuffling percussion, gentle piano melodies and Jabriel Al Suhaimi’s wandering guitar. Indeed, this support guides the lead to an abrupt, exhausted, yet serene close to the track. ‘Would You Tell Me About You’ is unusual, escaping typical generic assignments and occupying languid smoky backrooms, it reaffirms the presence of jazz, in this kind of House, through championing instrumental spontaneity.

Would You Tell Me About You EP is out 26th May – pre-order from Deejay.

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