Premiere: Mark Barrott – Schopenhauer’s Garden

The much respected International Feel imprint is back on the grid with their first release of 2017 entitled Music For Presence, a four track EP brought to you by the label’s founder Mark Barrott. Barrot continues to fashion his exquisite taste for balearic sounds that took shape through his Ibiza base and weekly sunset residency at La Torre.

The EP’s lead track ‘Schopenhauer’s Garden’ brings a wider direction to the sound of the label, expressing new aspects of non-Western music and a more emotive tone. The combination of enlightening pads, harmonising strings and elegant keys over the course of the track all come together to create a heightened sense of euphoria. In a sound harking to the Durutti Column’s flagship track ‘Otis’, Barrott’s five-minute triumph takes you on a short, meditative journey, creating the kind of soundtrack that could be used for spiritual healing.

Music For Presence EP is out 3rd March – pre-order on Juno.

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