Premiere: S4U – Sket


S4U (Rosita Bonita & Prinz George) burst onto the scene late this summer with their lo-fi RnB attitude jam, ‘Twice‘, leaving us addicted and all fuckboys in their place since.

Also taken from the Brazil EP, ‘One Key‘ soon followed, each with their own flavour, one more dancehall influenced, the other more house-y, all with a consistent dose of sass. Artists in every sense of the word, the duo have also creatively-directed two brilliant videos, including Twice’s playground dance piece, starring a baby-blue bomber squad fronted by Rosita herself. The video, and their music, feels like what it is to be a girl in London today, exploring what their feminity means to them, unapologetic about who they are, adventurous and above all, united.

Feeling serious fan-girl vibes, I reached out to the duo and exchanged some gushing Facebook messages. We love them, they love us, it was an RnB romance. So you can imagine just how happy we are to be premiering the EP’s fourth and final track, ‘Sket’. With the same no-nonsense of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’, laced with Prinz’s lethal beat production, S4U makes RnB that feels like we’re home. There’s no need to lament over the golden era of RnB anymore, S4U give us everything we need with their fearless, sexy and all-round badass own brand.

Brazil (EP) is out now on Limited Health. Listen below, and check out a poem they sent over to accompany the Premiere.

AmpFiddler WoznotWoz.
The celestine prophecy of the song machine.
A hit factory of heartache.
A truce with her truth.
A diary aching for a formulaic chemistry when her lost father abandoned her gift to trust.

One may scrape the marmite from the bubbling pot. To fishnet the sket and remove from the muddied waters a padded swans foot.

How one may box this sound is eerie and a business relative to mediums of media. Stamped on wax to a padded rhythmic tap of the soles of sacred elephants hoof toes.

One may find her lurking in her rightfully earnt bended Benz.

Stamp. Sket.

Love Rosita and Prinz



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