Premiere: Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel feat. Grace Rodson – Papi Chulo (Porno Dub Retweak)

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about a former porn-soundtrack on here and it hopefully won’t be the last. A few years back when asking Floating Points about a track, he told me with a grin that it was the former soundtrack of the 1971 soft-core French porn movie, Le Mariage Collectif……FloPo you naughty!

Well, composers of the porn world back in the 70s must have been smoking something good, as this latest soundtrack to have slunk our way is just as seductively groovy. Taken from the 70s cult erotic-film, Papi Chulo, meaning Cool Daddy, the original track has been “retweaked” (whatever that means) by Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel.

Sadly I haven’t seen the original film, but I’ve had plenty of fun imagining an opening scene set to ‘Papi Chulo’, Mr Mustachio resplendent in a silk shirt and tight flares, sashying his way over to the lucky leading lady, come-hithering upon her satin sheets. The song’s smooth melody, dirty little bassline and saucy coquettish vocals from Grace Rodson, work just as perfectly on the dance floor as it no doubt did in the bedroom. That’s right Cool Daddy, I see ya.

Papi Chulo Reloaded is out now on Imagenes Recordings – buy from Traxsource.  

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