Premiere: Melchior Sultana – Healer

For those that haven’t yet been introduced to the beautiful sounds of Melchior Sultana, you are in for quite the transcendental treat. The Malta-based multi-instrumentalist has been making Mediterranean-embellished house music for the last decade, imprinting his hometown sound through sun-soaked keys, island bird calls and heady European guitar finger-work doused in a nostalgic chorus. A first point of call for anyone new to his music has to be ‘Paradise’ off his 2015 Meditteran LP that came out in 2015 – which bottles up sounds from the Med and throws it out to sea to bob and dance in the setting sun.

Today we premiere a downtempo continuation of that atmosphere with ‘Healer’, off his forthcoming 3-track vinyl-only release via Three Fingerz Musique. Stereo-panned Fender Rhodes chords shimmer amongst balearic bongos and live drum snaps, as spaced-out pads feed in and out amongst a rumbly bassline and original female-led vocals.

Melchior Sultana’s vinly-only Healer EP is out next month via Three Fingerz Musique.

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