Premiere: DJ OK – It’s Fine


Taking on the guise of their DJ OK moniker (the combined title of DJ Ja and DJ Nein), the respective Düsseldorf and Leipzig natives with a penchant for rave have gifted us with a more balearic affair with ‘It’s Fine’.

A track that has been doing the rounds online for a few months and now gets a released on VFMM, ‘It’s Fine’ sounds like what I imagine the inner monologue of a tropical bird of paradise is like at all times, drenched in shimmering synth lines and flourishes of 808 State, yet with an added breakbeat kick that makes it equally suited for the Ibizan sunset as it is for the early morning Sundays of Berlin. It looks to the past yet doesn’t dwell on it, and conjures up images of late-80s hedonism in a year that there really isn’t that much to feel hedonistic about; perhaps this is where the name comes from? It’s a reinvigoration of rave, not a repetition.

It’s Fine EP is out early September on VFMM.

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