Premiere: Benjamin Ball – Flash A Flashlight (Gerd Janson Vocal Mix)

In the digital age we exist in, it’s becoming ever easier to discover whole different sub-cultures of music from across the globe and indeed, easier for diggers and reissue specialists to collaborate on bringing long lost or unaffordable records into the market for a new generation of vinyl enthusiasts.

Cultures of Soul are one of the best labels around at making rare records available with DJ friendly twists, so it’s no surprise that purveyor of subtle dancefloor edits – Gerd Janson – was drafted in to give their latest re-issue a little more oomph. The track in question is Benjamin Ball’s extremely rare South African reggae styled synth pop anthem ‘Flash a Flashlight’, which Janson has given a once over for a more rounded sound and one that Hunee employed perfectly as he closed the main stage at Farr Festival earlier this month. Janson hasn’t stopped there, also offering up an excellent dub mix, in true 80’s disco editing fashion.

The release is pre-empting a larger reissue compilation of South African disco, boogie, and afro synth, which Cultures of Soul have been working on for the last two years alongside renowned South African digger, DJ Okapi.

Flash A Flashlight is out 5th August – pre-order from the Cultures of Soul website.

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