Heard on the Floor: Antal – Live at Dance Tunnel


In May, Rush Hour boss Antal stepped up for our second Infusions party at Dance Tunnel. With Brazil at its foundation, he stuck to the brief, taking us on a journey through space and time, for an all-night session that combined 90s South African pop collided with italo, soulful house with afrobeat. It made us appreciate that rare skill of weaving the music of different genres, eras and countries together in such a seamless way without losing momentum (*tip of the hat to Young Marco, Hunee, John Gomez and the Sex Tags brothers). This was our kind of DJing: uncompromising fun, but with a sincere dedication and respect for the music that’s passing through the mixer. When Dance Tunnel closes its doors for the last time next month, it’s sets like this that will endure long in the memory, as we sweated it out in that steamy basement, surrounded by loose limbs and smiling faces.

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