Premiere: Nachtbraker – Intermezzlow

With 18 releases to their name now, Heist Recordings have cemented themselves as one of the new bastions of Dutch house music, thanks to the unfailing tutelage of Detroit Swindle and a strong support cast of talented producers and DJs.

One of the first arrivals to the Heist litter was Nachtbraker, who debuted on the label back in 2014, and then followed up a year later with another. His third EP, Pollo con Pollo, brings him level with the label heads as the most prolific on the Heist catalogue, and with good reason. Cemented in a deep house groove, his releases oscillate between acid squelches, off kilter percussion and jazzy samples, encapsulating the best of the Heist sound.

That said, this new one caught our ears for it’s antithesis to that trend. Born out of a late-night studio session after a few too many whiskeys, ‘Intermezzlow’ emerges from a cloud of dubbed out, swirling mist. A transitionary track, that could warm up a dancefloor just as easily as it could send it to its depths, it’s ushered in by desert island percussion, winding up the springs for a heavy, heady kick drum to shake you awake.

Pollo Con Pollo is released on vinyl (29th July) and digitally (1st Aug) – pre-order from Juno. Watch Nachtbraker’s Boiler Room as part of the recent Heist takeover. 

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