Premiere: Hidden Spheres – Sleeping Eyes

As the taste of summer hits our lips, Rhythm Section International are kindly adding to the sweetness with their twelfth release. Well Well, we’re told, is the first of a string of summer releases from the Peckham stronghold, and this time round it’s the turn of Manchester’s Hidden Spheres to soundtrack the months ahead.

Upholding the international sentiment of the label’s previous releases, Well Well
showcases another dimension to Hidden Spheres’ productions: layers of percussion, soulful vocals and a ton of groove, woven together with a wonderful sense of maturity.

Our pick is ‘Sleeping Eyes’, a hypnotic cut that could charm the deadliest snake in The Outback. It entrances in a modest fashion, the trickles of live percussion and erratic drum patterns laying the foundation for downbeat keys to take the fore. As we approach the minute mark raw vocal snippets welcome a shoulder bopping groove that, like the producer in question, has us eager to hear what’s coming next.

Well Well is out 16th July – pre-order from Piccadilly Records and Bandcamp. We had a brief chat with Hidden Spheres below about the release. 

Hidden Spheres Q&A

So how did you hook up with Rhythm Section on this one?

I was already a fan of the label and was snapping up every release that was coming out. Around the time Waiting was being released, I emailed Bradley a few tracks to check out and he was keen to be involved

Did Bradley play much of a creative role in how the EP turned out?

There was a lot of back and fourth of different tracks I had to offer and Bradley gave his input on what he though would work well together and ultimately decided on the tracks and the order the EP plays out.

In a maximum of 10 words for each, could you sum up each track on the EP? 

‘Well Well’ – I like Bradley’s choice of words for this ​”​a certified, yet sophisticated banger​”​.

‘Too Soon’ – ​​one of the first tracks I wrote using a​ ​borrowed Korg Delta (Colin I still have your synths!)

‘Sleeping Eyes’ – last minute addition to the EP,​ written with the other tracks in mind​.

‘Your Effect’ – ​a dark, gritty synth line with​ classic uplifting vocal sample.

‘Land’ – one of my earliest productions of instrumental/jazz hip-hop influence.

​10 words is obviously hard ha ha!​

How would you say this differs from your debut on Distant Hawaii?

​I think the major difference is the inclusion of three downtempo tracks. This was why I hit Bradley up in the first place as Rhythm Section seemed like the perfect place to get these type of tracks heard.

What else is on the horizon for Hidden Spheres?​

I’m looking forward to playing records in some exciting places and dancing with everyone! It’s one of my favourite things in the world to do so I feel so lucky and happy every time I get booked to play for people. Release wise I have a few remixes coming out​​ and another EP is in the process of being worked out for Distant Hawaii​ towards the end of the year.

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