Premiere: Udmo – Point Roadknight

Analogue Attic is one of our favourite labels. Based in far, far away Melbourne, the imprint has failed in putting out a bad record whilst succeeding in keeping a signature, public sector themed ambiance across different producers.

Enter Udmo, and for his Open Water EP, he pushes the length of his tracks up to the more exploratitive end, with the nine minute kickless ‘Isolation Theory‘, the serenely beautiful coming-up-for-air title track, the more dancefloor ready ‘Open Water’ and our pick of the record, ‘Point Roadknight‘.

You don’t hear brush samples in the percussion department nearly enough in deep house. Here, they whisk away whilst the interjecting bassline – common throughout the EP – makes itself known through various interruptions. A Boards of Canada vocal pad gently pushes us down stream.

With such a wonderfully slow burning track length, one is induced into a hypnotic sway while the bird-like tweets giving a sense of the outside – something else this label loves to do – keeping you set amongst the analogue tweakery, clicks and feedback, that soon to subside in a questioning, pad finale.

I don’t know if these producers share their gear but, given the sonic and melodic consistencies of their output, it would certainly make sense if they did. The Analogue part of their name is obvious, but to maintain such a common theme for depth – be it through their amalgamations of techno, house or the more ambient deep house – is quite admirable and certainly gives rise to many of us who wish for more thematic releases in 2016. Analogue Attic and Udmo bring the saturated machine noises in an unpompus, un-arpeggiated fashion, running us a warm bath, pouring in the silk skin bubble lotion and dropping in a small dose of LSD.

Udmo – Open Water is out 11th July – pre-order from Juno.

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