Premiere: The Kenneth Bager Experience – Sunset Over Hobro

Veteran of the balearic movement, Kenneth Bager’s Music For Dreams compilation in 1993 helped spawn an eponymous label that, for over 15 years, has been relentlessly pushing music that’s best served with the sun beating down and waves lapping against your feet. Of course, not all of us can listen to music perpetually in this environment, but Music For Dreams nonetheless offers a warming respite from other less satisfying climes.

Following up his 2010 album, Fragments From A Space Cadet 2, the Danish-born, Ibiza-dwelling label head returns with another long player, Premiere Classé. Made up of a number of singles that fans will already recognise, the nine tracks combine Kenneth Bager’s passion for combining Balearic beats and the new Nordic sound. ‘Sunset Over Hobro’ is an ode to his hometown, Danish in its provenance but much more Spanish in its appearance, with a solitary acoustic guitar echoing its lament atop of a beat so laid back it almost stumbles along, struggling to keep up with the tempo set by the by the delicate finger-plucking. 

Premiere Classé is out now on Music For Dreams – buy from iTunes.

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