Premiere: Will Lister – Phantom

Will Lister, originally from Lyme Regis, moved to London to attend Goldsmiths University last September and has been a regular on the South London DJ circuit ever since, with his very own party The Aten, as well as playing at The Peckham Rye Festival among other gigs, not forgetting his Balamii Radio show. Having interned at Soho’s Phonica Records since his move to the capital, it was only a matter of time before the young producer released some music on the store’s principal label. 

‘Phantom’ is the title track from his debut EP and it starts things off with dreamy pads and crunchy percussion, echoing until about halfway when the beat kicks in and the direction changes. It’s at this moment when the track adopts a more dramatic pathway, with a persisting yet subtle background whir combined with these mystical synth stabs.

Pre-order Will Lister’s Phantom EP over at Phonica now. Catch Will on Balamii every 3rd Thursday of the month. 

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