Premiere: Luke Solomon & Jonny Rock – Groovin To LA (DJ Fett Birger & Jayda G’s Cascadia Mix)

One year on from their collaborative remix on Butter Sessions, DJ Fett Burger (under his new Birger alias for remixes) and Jayda G land on Futureboogie to reinterpret Luke Solomon and Jonny Rock. Opening to waves breaking amidst a bevy of sound fx and eeries samples (even the waves have been tweaked!) the duo lift the arpeggio chords of the original and drop into a sunset beach party just as things take a turn for the trippy.

Crushed claps, shifting reverbs, off kilter hats and a very Norweigian lead synth…the more they add, the better it gets, and the finished product is quintessentially Jayda and Fett. These two are yet to put a foot wrong when they step into the studio together – just check their NYC Party Track EP on co-owned Freakout Cult for more proof, and satisfaction.

Listen to the whole release on the Futureboogie Soundcloud and grab the vinyl from Juno.

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