Premiere: Telfort – Snaps

Edinburgh-based forerunner Telfort is back following his self-released debut with a two track warming house EP that flirts with headphones and the dancefloor for a special place in your ears. On a limited press and hand-stamped, Lickety Split/Snaps provides club-ready momentum on the A-side, pushing colourful chords and a deep bassline that runs circles around your head.

The B-side, and our highlight from the EP, ‘Snaps’ pushes evolving chord phrases that trickle down in motion, providing a falling groove that is held up by a simple rhythmic 4×4 backbone with fresh live drum samples. A boxy bass line – hollowed out and drip-fed funk food – brings weight to the track, while syncopated hi hat shuffles and fidgety arpeggio lines slip in and out at will. Dusty and melodic, it’s another triumph from fast-rising Scottish producer.

You can pre-order Lickety Split/Snaps right now over at Piccadilly Records.

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