Admin calls upon spiritual jazz for his new EP with Omena

Like many experts in their craft, Admin has shown to know no boundaries when it comes to drawing from influences and inspiration. Mark trees, harps, smooth saxes, rolling bass lines, this EP does not hold back from creating some of the dreamiest music to come out this year. The increasingly popular Bristol boy has taken some of the most charming and down right sultry elements of his previous work and focused on amplifying them like never before.

We are immediately serenaded by the opening track ‘Bright Moments’, a song built around an uplifting speech encapsulating the concept of what these bright moments are. The track sets a brilliantly positive tone with a beautiful blend of hand drumming, vibrant piano loops carrying the melody and the odd sounds of birds singing for good measure. Once we get to the title track ‘Spirit Boogie’, you know you’re in for something special; it has so much presence it could hold the EP on its own. A concoction of sexy, soulful saxophone licks, dangling chimes and some offbeat wizardry from the bass for that extra kick of funk.

On the B-side, ‘Beach at Sunset’ may employ well-used imagery but is totally appropriate in this case. After reaching the heavenly heights of ‘Spirit Boogie’, ‘Deep Mantra’ keeps us on our toes with a more straightforward delivery of the dreamy feel of the EP. Carried primarily by an enchanting harp and bolshie yet mellow bass, the track brings the EP to a calm and confident conclusion with some ritualistic vocals to send you off.

Spirit Boogie is out 11th April on Omena – pre-order from Juno and Redeye.

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