Premiere: Moods – Funk It Out

The self-titled debut album by Moods was first released in 1978 as a private press on Soiree Records. Although Melvin Turnage and his St Louis High School friends disbanded shortly after this release, they get the repress business by BBE almost four decades later.

The album moves at a mid-to-slow tempo throughout, with a wonderfully soulful and sincere feel. Wu bop harmonies lie on top of a tight, early 1970’s soft rock-esq backing track, that’s littered with jazzy piano and synth rifts, drifting in and out of the forground. While these two elements are the predominant melodic characteristics of the album, you can’t help but be drawn to the powerful baritone presence throughout. The addition of a killer, smooth jazz saxophone is also a welcome accession on ‘This Is Magic’ and ‘Live Today’.

Our stand out though is “Funk It Up”. Moods utilise the modern technology of the time, using multiple synths in various fashions to produce a laid back, but energetic, house party stormer. We again extend our gratitude to the guys at BBE records and their knack for finding dusty old gems like these.

Moods is out now on BBE – grab it from their website.

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