Premiere: Kim Brown – Millions

It’s amazing how powerfully arresting a few simple notes on the piano can be. It’s certainly a well-used formula in house and techno, to add a bit of melancholy or euphoria to a drum pattern. But when those notes are combined in way you’ve not heard before that stimulates that instant emotional tie, it’s enough to make you forget all other piano loops that have come before. Enter Kim Brown.

Following up debut LP in 2013 for quietly consistent Berlin imprint Just Another Record Kim Brown return for a follow up album titled Wisdom is a Dancer. On ‘Millions’, Ji-Hun Kim and Julian Braun have kept the formula simple. Piano chords loop around a simple drum pattern and bassline to evoke that special kind of melancholy in a track that makes it difficult to let go.

Wisdom Is A Dancer is out 22nd April.

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