Typesun composes a joyous vibraphone jam on ‘Make It Right’

Some of the finer joys of house music are based around the perfect loop. A musical idea so attractive that having it go round and round for eight minutes can still not be enough. Much dance music in the last 20 years has been based around this concept but, occasionally, a producer comes along who disregards the loop in order to compose.

Typesun has been here before. On ‘Last Home’ (picked up by LateNightTales and Futureboogie) he used the never dull strings-into-bongos arrangement on a slower but equally infectious rhythm. This time round though, for Don’t Be Afraid‘s Dubs series he’s upped the stakes, and packed a bit more punch in the form of thick cellos, seriously joyous vibraphones, and bass playing not heard on a house record since something on Mood Hut (probably).

You think you’ve been rightly acquainted with the title track until five minutes comes and throws your idea of a Bristol-made house track out the window. This is dance music too good for clubs. It’s composition. It’s a breath of fresh air that uses unquantised instrumentation jammed together in such a refined way it’s almost doomed to get little club attention. Made in response to a falling out with a friend, ‘Make It Right’ holds a restorative quality not just to its main subject, but to anyone who’s fortunate enough to hear it.

This all before you get to the B-side. Michigan’s (you know what’s in Michigan, right?) Jason Fine no less. A mixable rendition of A, straighter, but still it keeps the sweeter spots tying it to a bouncier rhythm. When dancefloors get bored of the A, all they’ll need to do is flip to the B and keep this beautiful 10” alive until Typesun’s next inevitably funked up release. We hope it gets overplayed to shit this summer, and we hope Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid keeps putting out records as good as it has been for the last year. This is a jam.

Make It Right is out now on 10″ or digital. Buy from Kudos, Phonica and all the other usual spots. 

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