Second Hand News – Vol. 3

Second Hand News vol3

Welcome to ‘Second Hand News’, a fortnightly staff playlist series that tips its hat to Fleetwood Mac but, more importantly, is a place to showcase our favourite recent second hand vinyl purchases. Vol. 3 contains a Roman Flügel alias, a Tama Sumo favourite, some Chaka Khan, Cymande and Beastie Boys staples, a house-to-disco transition from Chicago, some blues from Lightening Hopkins, rough and tough acid from the 80s, hip-house and some UKG.

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Roman IV ‎- (14x7x4) / Altes Testament (Landomat 2000)

For me this is one of Roman Flugel’s best 12s. (14x7x4) is a nice workout but ‘Altes Testament’ is the real gem here, the building acid just keeps giving throughout the whole ten minutes. I had to wait a while to finally get this off discogs to avoid feeding the sharks.

Mario Reyes ‎- Lost Love (I Want You Back) (D.J. International Records)

I was set on tracking this one down after hearing Tama Sumo drop it a few weeks back. Great vocal house with a variety of mixes from Chicago’s finest.

Chaka Khan ‎- I’m Every Woman / Clouds (Warner Bros.)

A classic from Chaka Kahn I recently got in my local record store – Earworm Records. Mark E made a really good edit that does the rounds but the original is still the one for me.

Cymande – Second Time Round (Janus Records)

It’s great to see that Cymande are back recording and touring again ’cause their debut album is one of my all time favourites. Second Time Round is similarly inspired.

Candy J – Somethings They Never Change (Hot Mix 5 Records)

Another party record from Chigaco, I find this one’s a great tool for moving between house and disco, the vocal always gets a party started. Had to get this shipped from Chicago because nowhere else was stocking it!

Lightnin’ Hopkins – Goin’ Away (Prestige Bluesville)

Lightnin’ has one of the most soulful voices I can think of, a sampler’s dream. His catalogue is huge but this LP I picked up recently does the trick.

Children Of The Night ‎- It’s A Trip (Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out) (Jive)

Really tough acid from 1988 with a vocal that does what it says on the tin, I found this for really cheap in my local and it’s cheap on discogs too.

Beastie Boys – Love American Style (Capitol)

Quite often I walk into a record shop and the record playing on the store stereo compels me to buy it right away. This Beastie Boys EP was one of those last time I went shopping.

Da Posse – Break It On Down (Clubhouse)

I went through a big phase of digging for old hip-house records and this was a gem I uncovered, rough and ready vocals from Angie T complemented by an excellent 303 bassline. No audio clips on Youtube but there are some on the hardwax website.

Dr S Gatchet – Understand Me (Jonny Biscuit Records)

UKG was what got me into record collecting, and whilst it’s quite a small niche and period of time in UK music, there’s still a lot of hidden quality waiting to be found. This dubby percussive number was an insta-buy after hearing it on Rinse FM’s garage hour.

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